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Will PCORI cover any intervention costs in the budget?

In general, PCORI does not fund intervention costs, including, but not limited to, salary and time compensation for personnel that are delivering the intervention, or playing a key role in it, as well as equipment and other material costs associated with delivery of the intervention. These are considered direct patient care costs, and PCORI expects these costs to be covered by the healthcare delivery system or other interested payer.

PCORI encourages all applicants to find support from sites, payers, stakeholders, etc., in the payment or cost sharing of the interventions. Only under special circumstances will PCORI consider coverage of patient care intervention costs. If you are proposing the use of PCORI funds for any portion of these costs, your application must include a justification, in the budget justification template, outlining the clear importance of the request in the overall success of the project, as well as future sustainability and implementation plans once the project is completed (for example, how these costs will be covered in the future, post-PCORI funding, for implementation in other communities and healthcare settings). Providing a justification, however, does not guarantee that the costs will be approved.

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