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I’m applying under the Achieve Health Equity priority area. Can I tailor and test an evidence-based intervention effective in the general population but which lacks evidence for effectiveness in populations at risk for disparities under my PCORI award?

Interventions to reduce persistent disparities are often multifactorial, complex, and context specific. Often, evidence-based interventions have been shown to be effective in the general population but lack evidence for effectiveness in those populations at risk for disparities. The Achieve Health Equity priority area is thus interested in funding studies that tailor and test these types of interventions.

Applications may propose studies that tailor and test interventions that have documented efficacy or effectiveness in similar situations, with some adaptation if necessary. In such cases, the efficacy must be well documented (e.g., with prior research or with a systematic review) and a strong rationale provided for why the intervention would be expected to be efficacious in the proposed new setting(s) and/or population(s). If an intervention is to be adapted based upon stakeholder engagement or other methods, PCORI expects most of the proposed time and budget to be directed to establishing comparative clinical effectiveness rather than adapting and validating the interventions.

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