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What is the difference between the 2012 National Priorities for Research versus the 2021 National Priorities for Health?

PCORI’s congressional reauthorization requires identification of National Priorities and establishment of a Research Agenda outlining how it will address each of the National Priorities.  In 2012, the first National Priorities for Research were developed by PCORI’s Board of Governors, with input from the members of PCORI’s Methodology Committee and informed by substantial public comment.

With a 10-year reauthorization in 2019, PCORI undertook a comprehensive strategic planning process to develop the National Priorities for Health. Adopted by PCORI’s Board in 2021, our National Priorities for Health are a comprehensive set of mutually reinforcing goals that focus on impact and drive research funding and other initiatives to improve patient care and health outcomes. The National Priorities for Health build upon PCORI’s historical funding framework of research approaches to improve patient-centered health with comparative clinical effectiveness research. 

Applicants familiar with PCORI’s previous National Priorities for Research will find that their research proposals can be readily assimilated into the National Priorities for Health. To be considered responsive to the 2023 Broad Pragmatic Studies (BPS) PCORI Funding Announcement (PFA), applications must describe research that compares at least two alternative approaches to achieve at least one of the four PCORI National Priorities for Health covered by the BPS PFA. Applications must address and self-designate their primary alignment with one of the four designated National Priorities for Health but also may designate a secondary and tertiary National Priority for Health goal that is aligned with their proposed research.

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