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Which stakeholders need to be engaged in this study?

Applicants should provide an overview of their engagement strategy that is guided by PCORI’s Equity and Inclusion Engagement Guiding Principles. This strategy should go beyond the core partnership (see Eligibility section) and demonstrate that they have a diverse team of patients, stakeholders, and organizations who are representative of the community they seek as partners on the award. Instead of asking individuals to serve on an advisory panel alone, the expectation for this PFA is that they should join the award team as representatives of their organizations (i.e., the broader award partnership). If certain representatives, such as patients, do not represent an organization, they may join the award team as consultants.

When justifying the inclusion of stakeholder partners for the study in the Engagement Plan, please describe the perspectives they will represent; the goals for working with partners, which may include affecting the acceptability, feasibility, rigor, and/or relevance of the study; and a description of how this diverse award team will collaborate throughout the award. 

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