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Can a community organization be the lead applicant?

In general, applications for the conduct of research and management of funding may be submitted by appropriate academic research, private sector research, or study-conducting entities. This may include, among others, agencies and instrumentalities of the Federal Government, nonprofit and for-profit research organizations, and colleges and universities.

Per PCORI’s authorizing statute, every applicant must demonstrate capability to comply with the following conditions:

  • abide by the transparency and conflicts of interest requirements that apply to PCORI with respect to the research managed or conducted under contract;
  • comply with the PCORI methodological standards adopted by the Board of Governors;
  •  consult, as appropriate, with the expert advisory panels for clinical trials and rare disease;
  •  deposit de-identified data from the original research into a PCORI-designated repository to facilitate data sharing, as appropriate;
  • have appropriate processes in place to manage data privacy and meet ethical standards for the research;
  • comply with the requirements of PCORI for making the information available to the public; and
  • comply with other terms and conditions determined necessary by PCORI to carry out the research project.
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