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How should applicants address the possibility of COVID-19 restrictions and contingency plans?

CORI strongly recommends applicants plan for either all-virtual meetings or hybrid meetings, where participants can choose to attend either in person or virtually, should meetings be a part of the proposed project. Additionally, please consult PCORI’s Applicant and Awardee FAQs Related to COVID-19 (https://www.pcori.org/funding-opportunities/applicant-and-awardee-resources/applicant-and-awardee-faqs-related-covid-19) to ensure your proposed project adheres to PCORI’s guidance related to applicant pre-award concerns. 

PCORI is aware that there is an evolving context around the COVID-19 pandemic. We are committed to working with awardees to adapt projects and processes to the evolving context during this time so that deliverables are implemented fully as per the executed contract. 

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