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What is the range of measures PCORI is interested in receiving?

For this PFA, PCORI is seeking research projects to develop and validate new measures of engagement or to validate measures that have undergone previous development but have yet to be validated. Applicants may also propose to adapt and validate measures of engagement that have previous development in another related area (for example: community-based participatory research).


The following topics are current priorities for this area, consistent with the Donabedian Structure/Context-Process-Outcomes framework. Measurement research projects may touch on one or more elements of the framework. Applicants are not limited to the Donabedian model and may also draw on other relevant frameworks with appropriate justification.  Applicants may also suggest other priorities if well justified.

  • Structure/Context: Measures that assess key contextual factors that may influence the conduct of engagement and/or the outcomes of engagement (for example: stakeholder/investigator readiness for engaged research, institutional support for engagement)
  • Process: Measures that assess aspects of how engagement is planned, conducted, sustained, or experienced (for example: engagement activities, partnership functioning, power dynamics, engagement intensity, engagement quality, relationship sustainability)
  • Outcomes: Measures that assess the outcomes that result from engagement in research (for example: trust among stakeholders, study design and conduct decisions, selection of study outcome measures, study participant perceptions of patient-centeredness, perceptions of relevance and usefulness of findings for end users).
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