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What is considered a resubmission?

PCORI considers an application a resubmission if it is the same study submitted (PI) to the same funding announcement.  

The following is the resubmission policy: An applicant may resubmit an application that was not funded but that did complete PCORI’s merit review process (i.e., the applicant received a summary statement). For research awards, PCORI does not limit the number of times an applicant may resubmit. If a full application was deemed nonresponsive and did not progress through the full merit review process, it is considered a new submission and requires submission of an LOI. Submitting the same application to a different program’s PFA is also considered a new submission. Each program’s PFA has different requirements; therefore, applicants should carefully review the program specific PFA to which they are applying. Submitting an LOI is also a requirement.   

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