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What is the difference between PCORI’s National Priority Areas for Research, PCORI’s priorities named in PCORI’s 2019 authorizing legislation, and the Special Areas of Emphasis identified within the BPS PFA?

BPS PFA applications must address one of PCORI’s four National Priority Areas for Research: 

  • Assessment, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or management of a disease or symptom (Assessment of Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options) 
  • Improving access to high-quality, equitable, and efficient care through healthcare system–level interventions (Improving Healthcare Systems) 
  • Communicating or disseminating research results to patients, caregivers, or clinicians (Communication and Dissemination Research) 
  • Reducing or eliminating disparities in patient-centered outcomes, including health, healthcare, and patient-reported outcomes (Addressing Disparities) 

In addition, research applications within one of these four priority areas for research may include investigator-initiated topics and studies that address intellectual and developmental disabilities and maternal mortality, which are additional priorities named in PCORI’s 2019 authorizing legislation.  

Finally, PCORI calls researchers’ attention to topics of interest identified as Special Areas of Emphasis for this PFA. Regardless of the research topic proposed, all applications must be associated with one of the four PCORI National Priority Areas for Research listed above. 

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