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Will PCORI allow potential funding support of patient care costs for the BPS PFA?

For the 2022 Broad Pragmatic Studies PFAs, PCORI is piloting consideration of funding support for meritorious applications with budgets that include realistic, well-supported, and justified patient care costs. Patient care costs are defined to include the intervention being studied as well as clinical personnel costs for those providing the care. See the Submission Instructions for more information.  


Investigators seeking coverage of patient care costs should note such requests when submitting Letters of Intent (LOI) to this PFA as indicated in the LOI template. Invited applications should describe the patient care costs, their estimated amount(s), and the evidence and justification for the necessity of their funding by addressing the criteria described within the appropriate section of the application and in the Submission Instructions.  


If an application is chosen for award, PCORI will evaluate criteria listed within the PFA in determining what patient care costs may be acceptable for potential funding consideration as part of contract and budget negotiations.  

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