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Are foreign institutions eligible to directly apply for funding?

Foreign organizations and nondomestic components of organizations based in the U.S. may apply for PCORI funding if there is demonstrable benefit to the US healthcare system, and the essential scientific needs will be met by conducting the study outside the United States or having the study conducted by non-US research organizations. The proposed study must demonstrate meaningful effort and involvement of U.S. organizations and investigators with pertinent expertise and experience to contribute to the project. U.S. efforts in the area of patient-centered research can be clearly shown, and the engagement plans include U.S. patients and stakeholders, and are relevant to US healthcare system (https://www.pcori.org/funding-opportunities/what-who-we-fund). However, PCORI’s programmatic research priority will be to identify the utility of interventional impacts on U.S. older adult populations, and particularly on Medicare and Medicaid covered and eligible populations. Therefore, PCORI expects all sites of research in this PFA to be based in the U.S. Exceptions could be made for foreign institutions’ participation, contingent upon a clear benefit or applicability to the U.S. system that is demonstrated in the application.

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