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What information is required for the LOI?

The LOI for the proposed project should contain all information in the LOI template, including:

  • Title of proposed project
  • Original PCORI-funded research award number, original research project title, and name of original PI
  • Anticipated date the results will be ready, noting that applicants must propose to implement PCORI-funded results that are available at the time of the LOI
  • Clear indication of whether you are:
    • Proposing to implement an SDM strategy that was formally tested and demonstrated to be effective in a PCORI research-funded award
    • Proposing an implementation project that will incorporate new PCORI-funded CER evidence into an existing and tested SDM strategy, and then implement the updated strategy
  • Objective and specific aims
  • Description of the research results to be implemented
  • Decision context
  • Description of the implementation gap
  • Description of the implementation settings and participants
  • Description of the multicomponent approach for implementing the SDM strategy
  • Description of the implementation evaluation plan
  • Engagement
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