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Where can I find a list of peer-reviewed publications pertaining to PCORI-funded research results?

PCORI maintains a list of peer-reviewed publications associated with PCORI’s funded research projects, which can be found here (scroll down and click on the  Download a List of These Journal Citations link). Note that this list contains all peer-reviewed publications from PCORI-funded awardees, including papers on study protocols, patient engagement strategies, and results from formative aims. To meet this PFA’s eligibility criteria, the peer-reviewed publication must present the findings of the PCORI-funded study. You can refine the list by selecting “CER Results” under “Article Type”. If you find a peer-reviewed manuscript that is not on this list and which you believe meets our criteria or are unsure if a publication is eligible, please contact disseminationquestions@pcori.org with information about the publication, and program staff will determine whether it meets the requirements for this PFA.

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