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How should we manage updates to the Budget Summary in the Budget Materials Template?

A breakdown of various line items with clarifying guidance is below:  

  • Line A: Personnel Costs – Please use this line to sum the total of the project personnel base salaries and associated fringe benefits. The fringe rate should be calculated based on the institution’s own policy and a verification of the fringe benefit rate policy must be provided in the budget justification. 
  •  Line B: Other Costs – Please use this line to sum the totals for the following budget categories: Consultant Coats, Equipment, Supplies, Travel, Other Expenses, and Subcontractor Direct Costs  
  • Line C: Subtotal Direct Costs – Please use this line to sum the totals for Line A: Personnel Costs and Line B: Other Costs. You may find additional information on all budget categories in Appendix 1 of the Submission Instructions. 
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