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We have some ideas for proposals but want to make sure our ideas align with the PFA. Whom do I speak to?

You may submit an inquiry via the Help Desk for guidance, but we ask that you first review the PFA, including the suggested interventions and additional questions that may be helpful: 

    • Interventions (include, but are not limited to, the following and can be combined) 
      •  Educational, communication, and behavioral economics strategies, tools, or approaches 
      • System- or organizational-level responses 
      • Digital marketing (e.g., social media, mobile) and other innovative technologies 
      •  Single- versus two-dose vaccines 
      • Culturally specific and/or community competent approaches for reducing barriers 
    •  Additional Questions (may be addressed for relevant subpopulations and settingsinterventions may include the following) 
      • What interventions and strategies are most effective to increase the acceptance of vaccines among populations of long-term care (LTC) workers who experience health disparities? 
      • How can evidence be integrated into vaccine promotion interventions to identify and address the sources of misinformation regarding vaccination? 
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