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What is the maximum project budget?

Applicants will be applying for funds across five scopes of work with a maximum budget up to $18 million in total costsApplicants may apply for one, several, or all functional scopes of work. The maximum project budget (total costs) for each scope of work is outlined below. This PFA may consider budgets greater than those listed below. Any budget exception requests must be approved by PCORI prior to submission. To submit a budget greater than the limits below, email pfa@pcori.org. 


  • $3.0 million - Scope 1: Program Management Office to Facilitate PCORnet Governance, Collaboration, and Operations to Enable Multi-network PCORnet Research of National Scope 
  • $5.0 million - Scope 2: Maintenance and Development of the PCORnet Common Data Model, Data Characterization, and Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage 
  • $6.5 million - Scope 3: PCORnet Designated Study Consultation and Query and Analytic Tool Development to Enable Multi-network PCORnet Research 
  • $1.5 million - Scope 4: PCORnet Communications 
  • $2.0 million - Scope 5: Highly Engaged Patients, Researchers, Clinicians, Health Systems, and Health Plans 
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