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What are the Primary Investigator (PI) requirements for Clinical Research Network (CRN) applicants?

This PFA requires dual PIs, applicants must designate one as the Contact PI. The Contact PI is responsible for submitting the application, will serve as PCORI’s primary point of contact for all communication and will subsequently be listed on the award contract. One of the dual-PIs must have primary experience or expertise in clinical research, epidemiology, health services research, or comparative effectiveness research, and one should have primary experience or expertise in clinical informatics, health system information technology, or large-scale database construction and linkage. Together, the dual-PIs must contribute a minimum of 65 percent Full-Time Equivalent (FTE), with the Contact PI contributing 40 percent effort. The Contact PI must be a full-time employee of the prime applicant. In general, PIs and co-PIs should be physically co-located at one of the network sites.

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