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How is PCORI helping awardees funded in Cycle 2 2020 or later to return results to their study participants? (for Researchers Funded July 2020 (Cycle 2 2020) or Later)

Awardees funded in Cycle 2 2020 or later are asked to budget for results return activities as part of their initial application budget, and to describe their plans as part of their research plan.  By building return of results into funded project activities from the beginning, PCORI hopes to address common barriers that may hinder these activities at the end of a project, such as lack of funds and IRB approval.  

As awardees funded in Cycle 2 2020 or later will have already budgeted for results return activities, they will not be eligible to submit for requests using the mechanism outlined above for previously-funded awardees.

For additional information, please email ResultsReturn@pcori.org with any questions.

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