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How is PCORI helping awardees funded before Cycle 2 2020 to return results to their study participants? (for Researchers Funded Prior to July 2020)

Although some PCORI awardees funded before Cycle 2 2020 planned for return of their study results, most applicants did not explicitly budget for it. To support our current awardees in returning findings to study participants, we are now offering the option to request support for results return activities. Requests must be prospective: the proposed return of aggregate results must not have taken place prior to the submission of the request (however, awardees may request funds for additional results return activities if they wish.) The amount of the request may be up to $2500. Large studies with over 5,000 participants may request additional funds to cover additional costs, for example associated with mailing to a large number of people.

For additional information, please email ResultsReturn@pcori.org with any questions.

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