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To publish as an Open-Access article, awardees will need to select a Creative Commons license. Does PCORI have a preference on the Creative Commons license option awardees select?

PCORI strongly encourages the dissemination of PCORI-funded work to result in broad access for the interested field and public.

Use of a Creative Commons license is one way that authors may choose to disseminate their work. Using a Creative Commons license affords authors the flexibility to place certain commonly understood conditions on the future use of their work. Please consult your institutional officials, as some may have policies or guidance on which license they prefer to be used.

Each Creative Commons license differs in terms of what the license permits and the restrictions the license places on end-users. Some categories of Creative Commons licenses require attribution, requiring that future users give appropriate credit to the author. Other categories do not permit the use of the material for commercial purposes. Some categories require that those that remix, transform, or build upon the material must share the derivative work under the same license as the original. And yet other categories do not permit others to creative derivatives at all.

PCORI does not have a Creative Commons license that it requires. The Creative Commons website offers a License Chooser that can help you navigate the different license choices. 

A full list of Creative Commons license options can be found on the Creative Commons Website.  

If you have any questions regarding which license you should use, please contact fundedpfa@pcori.org.

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