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Should my study align with PCORI’s new priority areas? What topics is PCORI prioritizing? Is [Topic ABC] of interest to PCORI for this mechanism?

For the PLACER PFA, PCORI is seeking applications which align with three of its longstanding national priority areas and two additional priorities which were noted in its 2019 reauthorization. These include research on the following: Addressing Disparities; Assessment, Prevention, Diagnosis, or Treatment Options; Improving Health Systems; Maternal Morbidity and Mortality; and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. PCORI has not identified any priority topics for the PFA; the exemplar topics are included in the PFA to illustrate the significance, scale, and scope sought under the PLACER PFA. Application submissions may address the exemplar topics or propose investigator-initiated research projects; no topics have pre-identified priority for funding.

For questions about the suitability of specific research topics, please direct inquires to sciencequestions@pcori.org  

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