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Is it a requirement for subcontractors to be identified and in place prior to submission of the application? Are detailed budgets for subcontractors required at the time of application submission?

PCORI realizes that the rapid turnaround required for submission of this particular application may not allow time to secure arrangements with subcontractors. If your project will utilize subcontractors but you have not yet identified them, that’s acceptable. You should indicate in your proposal that you anticipate using subcontractors, how many, and describe the work they will perform on the project.

For subcontractors that are To Be Determined (TBD), you can submit detailed budget pages and budget summary pages using TBD as the name of the organization. You should estimate the costs related to the subcontractor tasks and responsibilities in the detailed budget pages in the relevant categories – Personnel, Consultant, Supplies, Other, etc.

If you have several subcontractors that are TBD, and the costs for the subcontractors are the same for each organization, you only need to submit one set of detailed budget pages for the subcontractors, but you must indicate how many subcontractors you will have in the budget justification.

The costs for all subcontractors must be included in the project budget.

In the Budget Justification template, you should identify and explain the costs related to the subcontractors, just as you would for the Prime Applicant.

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