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What is a hybrid design, and why is that called out in the COVID-19 funding announcement?

A hybrid design, or effectiveness-implementation design, tests the clinical effectiveness of an intervention while also evaluating the implementation strategies used to integrate the findings into practice. Using a hybrid design can speed the uptake of research results by assessing the effectiveness of the intervention and implementation in one study rather than conducting two independent studies. Consistent with the intention of this funding announcement to respond rapidly to the COVID pandemic, investigators may wish to use hybrid designs to facilitate the rapid uptake of their findings to address urgent health and healthcare delivery issues.

Link to recommended source: Curran, G. M., Bauer, M., Mittman, B., Pyne, J. M., & Stetler, C. (2012). Effectiveness-implementation hybrid designs: combining elements of clinical effectiveness and implementation research to enhance public health impact. Medical care, 50(3), 217.

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