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Does the Principal Investigator/Project Lead (PI/PL) of the original PCORI study that developed the resource/tool have to be included in the Capacity Building Engagement Award?

  • However, the PI/PL of the original award must give written permission in a Letter of Support for the tool/resource to be used. If modifications of that tool/resource will be made, the PI/PL must address support for those specific modifications in the Letter of Support. The PL/PI must grant the applicant rights to the engagement tool(s)/resource(s) sufficient to carry out the project. PCORI is not responsible for facilitating the connection between those using the tool/resource and the content creators.
  • We are interested in funding projects that continue to build and activate engaged and trained communities and stakeholders who are ready to participate in the PCOR/CER process. Applicants must describe how they intend to use the chosen tool/resource to continue to build capacity for PCOR/CER.
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