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How do you update authorized users?

Please remember that each project can have the following authorized Users:

  • Principal Investigator
  • Administrative Official
  • Financial Officer
  • Contract Manager
  • PI-Designee (2)

These users have view and edit access to an application/contract through PCORI Online. Refer to the User Access Cheat Sheet for descriptions of each Authorized User.

How to update your project’s Authorized Users:

  1. All users must set up their own accounts in PCORI Online.
  2. It is PCORI’s policy to have the Principal Investigator (PI) or the currently listed Administrative Official (AO) submit the Authorized User request.
    • Requests should be submitted to pfa@pcori.org.
    • The PI/AO must this form and attach it to their email. 

Important Notes:

  • Any requests for access that are not submitted directly to PCORI by the AO or PI will be denied.
  • Dual PIs affiliated with institutions other than the awardee may be granted authorized user access as a PI designee 1 or 2 if permitted by the awardee institution. Any requests for such authorized user access must be submitted to PCORI by the AO. Any other requests to grant access to a non-affiliated Dual PI will be denied. No other non-affiliated users will be allowed.
  • If a change in PI is being requested, PCORI must be consulted in advance.
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