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What are some common reasons invoices are rejected?

Common reasons PCORI will reject an invoice and require resubmission include:

  • Cumulative discrepancies - Invoices are rejected when the cumulative expense to date on the awardee invoice does not agree with PCORI’s records (within $5.00). Any prior period adjustments or reallocations of expenses already paid should be reported to PCORI so that records can be updated.
  • Missing Invoices / Gaps in Invoicing - PCORI holds or rejects invoices if there are prior periods that have not been invoiced. If a prior period invoice has not been submitted, PCORI notifies awardees and allows one week for submission of the missing invoice before rejecting the current invoice. To avoid gaps in invoicing, the start of a billing period should always be the day following the end of the previous billing period.
  • Missing Labor Detail – Invoices are rejected for cost reimbursable research contracts if labor detail is not provided.

Overspent Budget - Invoices are rejected if the cumulative contract expenses exceed the approved contract budget.

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