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Can PCORI assist with finding potential patient and other stakeholder research partners?

PCORI does not directly connect studies to potential research partners but it does offer the PCORI Ambassador Center as a resource for locating individuals who may be interested in becoming involved in new research partnership opportunities. The PCORI Ambassador Program is a volunteer network of patients, caregivers, clinicians health systems representatives, and training institutions all dedicated to supporting patient-centered research. The PCORI Ambassador Center is a searchable directory of members of the Ambassador community. Study teams may search for potential partners by stakeholder type, geography, PCOR experience, disease/condition areas, populations of interest, and previous involvement in PCORI-funded projects.  You can access the PCORI Ambassador Center here and email ambassadors@pcori.org if you have any questions.


PCORI Awardees can also request a consultation with an Engagement Officer if they are having trouble identifying patient and other stakeholder research partners. Engagement Officers can assess your engagement approach and provide suggestions on stakeholder types that could possibly add value to the study. Please contact ppet@pcori.org to connect with an Engagement Officer.

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