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Can the Implementation of Findings from PCORI’s Major Research Investments PFA be used to support dissemination activities and objectives?

This program supports implementation activities. Implementation is defined as “the deliberate, iterative process of integrating evidence into policy and practice by adapting evidence to different contexts and facilitating behavior change and decision making based, across individuals, communities, and healthcare systems.”


This program will not fund projects primarily aimed at spreading and sustaining knowledge of PCORI evidence and which fall under PCORI’s definition of “dissemination”. Dissemination is defined as “the intentional, active process of identifying target audiences and tailoring communication strategies to increase awareness and understanding of evidence and to motivate its use in policy, practice, and individual choices.” Applicants interested in dissemination-focused projects that aim to spread awareness and increase knowledge of PCORI evidence to targeted audiences are encouraged to consider their project’s fit for the Eugene Washington Engagement Award: Dissemination Initiative.

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