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Does the Principal Investigator (PI) of the original PCORI research study need to be included in the dissemination project?

  • The PI of the original PCORI research award does not have to be part of the dissemination project. However, the PI of the original research award may lead or be part of the dissemination project.
  • Acknowledgment and/or support from the Principal Investigator (PI)—or another member of the original research team who played a significant role—of each PCORI-funded study whose published findings are being disseminated in the project, demonstrated by additional written letters of support (applicable for the dissemination of CER study results only).
  • We are interested in funding stakeholder-initiated projects that draw on the experience and expertise of organizations and communities in reaching specific end users of information and in capitalizing on a history of trust. Applicants must describe how the proposed team members will contribute to the probability of success because of their skills, expertise, or connections.
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