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Can the Engagement Award: Dissemination Initiative be used to support implementation activities and objectives as well as dissemination?

  • This award program supports active dissemination activities. Dissemination is defined as the intentional, active process of identifying target audiences and tailoring communication strategies to increase awareness and understanding of evidence and to motivate its use in policy, practice, and individual choices.
  • This award program generally will not fund implementation projects or projects designed to address “the deliberate, iterative process of integrating evidence into policy and practice by adapting evidence to different contexts and facilitating behavior change and decision making based, across individuals, communities, and healthcare systems.” PCORI has other funding initiatives focusing on implementation, specifically:
  • In an effort to support innovative approaches to dissemination, PCORI will not rule out dissemination projects that incorporate elements of implementation. This award mechanism requires, however, that the primary goal of the proposed project—and the majority of resources—be directed at the objective of increasing awareness, reach, and motivation to use evidence.
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