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What is PCORI interested in funding as part of the Engagement Award: Dissemination Initiative project?

  • Stakeholder-initiated projects designed to actively disseminate the research results of PCORI-funded studies using strategies consistent with best practices in dissemination.
  • Dissemination activities should be designed to increase the reach of information, and to increase the motivation and ability of patients, caregivers, and providers to use and apply evidence.
  • Dissemination efforts should incorporate ongoing stakeholder engagement to provide the context needed to tailor dissemination and activities.
  • This funding opportunity is intended to support the active dissemination of findings (the process of identifying target audiences and tailoring communication strategies to increase awareness and understanding of evidence and to motivate its use in policy, practice, and individual choices). PCORI will not support projects that propose passive, untailored, and untargeted dissemination strategies, such as untargeted mass mailing, publication of study findings, and untargeted presentations to heterogeneous groups.
  • PCORI recognizes that strategies proposed for disseminating PCORI results will vary based on the evidence being disseminated, the populations being targeted, and the goals of the dissemination effort.
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