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What is the data deposition process, and when will it begin and end?

Awardees will enter into a Data Contributor Agreement (DCA) with the PCORI-designated repository at the time they begin the PCORI Peer Review Process but no later than the date of submission of the Draft Final Research Report (DFRR) to PCORI. The DCA governs the data deposition and establishes the Awardee’s rights and obligations. The rationale for this timeframe is that Awardees’ completion of the DFRR assumes that the Analyzable Data Set is cleaned and locked, and therefore ready to be shared with the PCORI-designated data repository.


Once the DCA is executed, the Awardee will begin working with the PCORI-designated repository to curate the data and the metadata.  Data deposition with the PCORI-designated repository must be complete by the date that the Final Research Report (FRR) is accepted by PCORI.

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