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Why does PCORI require that only some of its Awardees share their data?

PCORI made an organizational decision at the outset of the Policy’s development that the requirement to share data should focus initially on its larger research investments and would not strictly require participation for awardees prior to the Policy’s official approval in September 2018 (awardees prior to the Cycle 1 2019 funding cycle).

That said, the Policy specifies that in certain circumstances PCORI may request that other Awardees share their data (e.g., based on its estimation of high importance of research project findings and/or requests from external researchers). The Policy also states that Awardees may request funding from PCORI for allowable data sharing costs if they are interested in making their data available in the PCORI-designated repository. PCORI will consider such requests on a case-by-case basis and provide funding for approved requests.

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