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Can a Principal Investigator (PI) submit more than one Letter of Intent (LOI) per PCORI Funding Announcement (PFA)?

Usually, no. However, an individual listed as a PI on one LOI may be listed and serve in another role, e.g., co-investigator, or co-PI on other LOIs within the same PFA during the same cycle.

In general, a PI can only submit one LOI per PFA. However, because PCORI’s Broad PFA includes funding opportunities across the four distinct PCORI National Priorities for Research, it is permissible for a PI to submit more than one LOI to the Broad PFA as long as it falls under a different research priority area. The research topics and projects must be distinct and responsive to the respective research priority area as outlined in the PFA.

LOIs submitted to multiple PFAs that exhibit scientific overlap or appear to be duplicate submissions will be disqualified. PCORI will contact the PI and provide him or her with an opportunity to choose which PFA he or she would like to apply to. This applies to single- and dual-PI submissions.

For more information, please check the PFA's Submission Instructions. 

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