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How do I review a resubmission?

An applicant may resubmit an application that was not funded. An application is considered a resubmission if it has previously completed PCORI’s merit review process, including receipt of the summary statement. 

When resubmitting an application, applicants include a resubmission letter with their revised application.

The resubmission letter is an opportunity for applicants to provide an overview of how the application has been strengthened in its scientific merit and responsiveness to the current PFA. Simply responding to previous reviewers’ concerns is not sufficient; the application must be programmatically responsive and demonstrate methodological rigor and patient-centeredness. When evaluating a resubmission, reviewers should determine how well the resubmitted application and resubmission letter meet PFA requirements, address Merit Review criteria, and describe whether and how the application has improved overall.

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