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What Research Team and Environment information is required in the Research Strategy section of the Research Plan Template?

For the Team information, describe how the members of the team contribute to the probability of success because of their skills, expertise, connections, etc. This should not duplicate biosketch information. Use this section to describe how this group of individuals will succeed as a team.

For the Environment information provide more in-depth detail about the capabilities of these sites. Applicants should:

  • Provide a description of the facilities, including their capacities, capabilities, relative proximity, and extent of availability to the project.
  • Describe how the research environment contributes to the probability of success (e.g., institutional support, physical resources, and patient engagement).
  • Discuss ways in which the proposed study will benefit from the unique features of the research environment or community involvement.

If neither of these criteria applies, explain how the study will employ useful collaborative arrangements in these environments. Finally, describe institutional and community investment in the success of the research. This can include the availability of organized peer groups, logistical support (administrative management and oversight and best practices training), financial support (protected time for research with salary support), and access to and support of patient groups.

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