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What are the page-formatting requirements for submitting an application?

The Submission Instructions (formerly known as Application Guidelines) and PCORI templates note additional instructions including page or length restrictions, when applicable. Documents uploaded (excluding letters of support) to PCORI Online must be formatted as follows:

  • Header: Include the Principal Investigator’s (PI’s) full name in the top left corner of the page header on every page.
  • Margins: Use at least half-inch margins. The header may fall within the top margin, but the body text should not begin closer than one half-inch from the edge of the page.
  • Font: Use size 11 Calibri for the main body of the text. Figures, tables and captions may be size 8 font.
  • Page Numbering: Each page must be numbered consecutively for each PDF upload. Each section of an uploaded document must begin with page 1.
  • Spacing: Use single spacing.
  • Document Format: Upload all attachments in PDF format.
  • Page limit: This varies based on document. * File name format: refer to Submission Checklist.

References: PCORI suggests including all references as in-text citations using American Medical Association (AMA) citation style, but other citation styles are accepted.

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