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What research does PCORI NOT fund?

PCORI discourages proposals in the following categories, and will deem them nonresponsive:

  • Instrument development, such as new surveys, scales, etc.
  • Developing, testing, and validating new decision aids and tools, or clinical prognostication tools
  • Pilot studies intended to inform larger efforts
  • Comparing patient characteristics rather than clinical strategy options

Consistent with PCORI's authorizing law, PCORI does not fund research whose findings will include:

  • Coverage recommendations
  • Payment or policy recommendations
  • Creation of clinical practice guidelines or clinical pathways
  • Establishment of efficacy for a new clinical strategy
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • Study of the natural history of disease
  • Basic science or the study of biological mechanisms

Studies of Cost-Effectiveness
PCORI will consider an application nonresponsive if the proposed research:

  • Conducts a formal cost-effectiveness analysis of alternative approaches to providing care
  • Directly compares the costs of care between two or more alternative approaches to providing

Please be sure to review the Submission Instructions for your PFA for further clarification.

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