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What if I plan on using a research network infrastructure (such as PCORnet) and/or related data resource (such as EMR in health care delivery systems or claims data) in my application?

Applicants intending to use an existing research network and/or data resource should detail in the appropriate sections of the research plan (e.g., study design or approach, study population and setting, or analytical plan as appropriate) the following, as appropriate:

  • Identify all participating research network entities (e.g., in the case of PCORnet, the names of the participating CDRNs, PPRNs, PCORnet Collaborative Research Groups, Health Plans) collaborating on the project and the affiliated study performance sites.
  • If applicable, describe how data will be managed across study sites within the research network, and whether any dedicated data coordinating functions or facility will be utilized.
  • All applicants utilizing an existing research network and/or data resource should substantiate in the applications familiarity with the network governance policies or data use restrictions and provide documentation supporting the proposed utilization of the research networks and/or data resources.
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