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What is PCORI's resubmissions policy?

A PI may resubmit an application that was not funded. An application is considered a resubmission after it has completed PCORI’s merit review process (i.e., the PI has received a summary statement). A previous submission in the form of an LOI only (without a full application) is not considered a resubmission. If an application was deemed nonresponsive and did not progress through the full review process, the PI is required to submit a new LOI; this is not considered a resubmission. If invited to resubmit an application, the PI is required to include a resubmission letter (page limits vary by PFA).

The resubmission letter provides an opportunity for applicants to provide an overview of how the application has been strengthened in its responsiveness to the current PFA. Simply responding to previous reviewers’ concerns is not sufficient; the application must be patient-centered, methodologically rigorous, and programmatically responsive. Merit reviewers will evaluate whether the application meets PFA requirements, addresses merit review criteria, and describes how it has improved overall.

If you submit the same application to a different program/PFA, it is considered a new submission. You may only resubmit to the same program/PFA, as different programs have different requirements. PCORI does not limit the number of times an applicant may resubmit.

Please be sure to review the Submission Instructions (formerly known as Application Guidelines) for your PFA for other requirements related to Resubmissions. 

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