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How soon can I begin charging expenses to my award contract?

The funded recipient institution may incur PCORI project-specific expenditures up to three (3) months prior to the effective date listed in their fully executed contract document. Any expenses incurred prior to the date of approval and announcement by PCORI’s Board of Governors of the award, will not be authorized nor reimbursed.

It is expected that the funded recipient institution will have sufficient operational funds to allow initial financing of PCORI project activities. Engagement awards and Dissemination and Implementation awards are not eligible to expend costs prior to the effective date. Expenditures prior to effective date are allowable at the risk of the awardee institution. 

If a contract is not executed due to the funded recipient institution’s failure to comply with contract requirements, PCORI will not be held responsible for any incurred expenses. Additionally, PCORI reserves the right to deny any expenses incurred prior to the execution of the contract - if the expense is not consistent with the approved budget.

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