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What stakeholder groups or populations of interest does PCORI want to address with its funded projects?

PCORI recognizes that doing research differently will require input and involvement from all communities across the healthcare continuum. PCORI is interested in investing in stakeholders who believe in the promise of PCOR/CER but may not have had the opportunity to engage actively in research in the past. PCORI views ideal applicants and project proposals that touch upon a broad spectrum, including but not limited to the following stakeholder categories and priority populations:

Stakeholder Communities PCORI Populations of Interest
Patient/ConsumerCaregiver/Family Member of Patient
Patient/Caregiver Advocacy Organization
Hospital/Health System
Policy Maker
Training Institution
Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups
Low-Income Groups
Children (age 0–17)
Older Adults (age 65 and older)
Residents of Rural Areas
Individuals with Special Healthcare Needs, Including Individuals with Disabilities
Individuals with Multiple Chronic Diseases
Individuals with Rare Diseases
Individuals Whose Genetic Makeup Affects Their Medical Outcomes
Patients with Low Health Literacy/Numeracy and Limited English Proficiency
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-sexual (LGBT) Persons

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