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How are resubmissions reviewed?

  1. Reviewers are notified which of their assigned applications are resubmissions.
  2. Reviewers will evaluate resubmissions as stand-alone applications, with a fresh perspective, using the Merit Review Criteria.
  3. Resubmissions are distinct in that reviewers are provided with the following documents:
    1. Summary statement from the previous application review, inclusive of reviewers’ critiques and notes from the in-person discussion (if the application was discussed).
    2. A resubmission statement submitted by the applicant.
  4. While the extent to which specific reviewer comments were addressed is not part of the scoring, awareness of the previous critiques, notes from the in-person discussion, and subsequent application revisions may provide the reviewer with helpful context for evaluating the current application.
  5. Reviewers will be instructed to follow the guidance above and review resubmissions based on the current information presented and its current merits; at no point should a rediscussion of the previous review be initiated, as the goal is to provide a fair and thorough review of the application as is.
  6. If an applicant has submitted an application to a targeted PFA and did not receive an award, any subsequent application they submit to a different PFA will not be considered a resubmission.
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