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Are foreign organizations eligible for funding?

Yes. Foreign organizations and nondomestic components of organizations based in the United States (US) may apply. However, PCORI’s general preference is that prime awards be made to a US-based organization. A prime award contract to a non-US-based organization should be carefully justified and preferably include a key US-based organization and co-principal investigator as a subcontractor.

In assessing whether a research award can be made to a non-US organization as a prime contractor and/or the research can be conducted outside of the United States, PCORI will carefully review and consider the following factors:

  1. The research funded by PCORI must result in findings that are relevant and useful to US patients and healthcare decision makers.
  2. The proposed project must demonstrate that essential scientific needs will be met by conducting the study outside the United States or having the study conducted by non-US research organizations—e.g., (a) timely accrual of research participants needed for the specific research study that requires a broad recruitment pool can only be achieved by conducting the study outside the United States or by non-US organizations; or (b) significant scientific advantages can be gained by research conducted mainly outside of the United States or by non-US organizations, such as broader diversity in the study population or settings, better deployment of methodological expertise, etc.
  3. The proposed study must demonstrate meaningful effort and involvement of US organizations and investigators with pertinent expertise and experience to contribute to the project. The engagement plan for the proposed study should also adequately and sufficiently include US patients and stakeholders and have clear relevance to the US healthcare system.
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