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How are the PCORI Engagement Awards LOIs and applications reviewed?

The PCORI Engagement Team, PCORI Finance, and external subject matter experts (as necessary) will conduct PCORI’s Engagement Awards review.  Additional information regarding the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards review process can be found here.

LOIs and applications are scored using the following criteria:




Program Fit

How well does the application demonstrate program fit, or how well does the application proffer an innovative idea that supports the organization’s mission?


Project Plan and Timeline

How reasonable is the applicant’s project plan and timeline? Are there any concerns that the applicant has not provided a reasonable amount of time or should consider lessening the amount of time dedicated to some of the activities in the project plan?


Qualifications of the Project Lead

Do the qualifications of the project lead align with the scope of the project?


Personnel and Collaborators

Are there adequate and qualified personnel to conduct the project? Are collaborations meaningful and appropriate based on aligning the expertise and scope of work of each member of the team and the collaborators involved? Is there an adequate amount of human resources involved? Are there any concerns about the collaborators’ ability to work together?


Past Performance

Has the applicant demonstrated sufficient past performance for related projects?


Budget/Cost Proposal

How well does the applicant’s budget/cost proposal demonstrate reasonable cost designations?






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