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What are the PCORI Engagement Awards?

The Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards, named in honor of the first chair of PCORI’s Board of Governors, support the more active integration of patient, stakeholder, and research communities in the research process.

The PCORI Engagement Awards are organized into three categories—Knowledge Awards, Training and Development Awards, and Dissemination Awards. These awards are intended to strengthen the capacity of patients and other stakeholder communities’ ability to get involved in the research process as well as serve as channels to disseminate study results. Learn more about the goals and objectives from the PCORI Engagement Award Program Guidelines. 

We also provide Engagement Awards for meetings and conferences that align with PCORI’s Mission and Strategic Plan and facilitate expansion of patient-centered outcomes research/clinical comparative effectiveness research (PCOR/CER). These awards are made through the Engagement Award Initiative Notice (EAIN), Patient-Centered Outcomes Research/Clinical Comparative Effectiveness Research Meeting and Conference Support.

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