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What are the differences between Scientific Reviewers, Patient Reviewers, and other Stakeholder Reviewers?

Scientific Reviewers are members of the health and healthcare research communities, with technical or specialized research backgrounds. They often have prior experience writing and/or reviewing research applications.

Patient and other Stakeholder Reviewers are patients, caregivers, clinicians, and others with an interest in healthcare. These Reviewers include the following people or their representatives:

Patient Reviewers

  • Patients (someone with a condition or at risk of a condition)
  • Caregivers/Family Members of Patients (e.g., unpaid caregivers to someone who is affected by an illness)
  • Patient/Caregiver Advocate (e.g., those who serve in a patient advocacy role on behalf of an individual or an organization)

Other Stakeholder Reviewers:

  • Clinician (e.g., nurse, physician or an organization that represents clinicians)
  • Clinic/Hospital/Health System (e.g., federally qualified health centers, rural health clinic or an organization that represents hospitals/health systems)
  • Purchaser (e.g., employer or an organization that represents purchasers)
  • Payer (e.g., health insurer, Medicaid, or an organization that represents payers)
  • Industry (e.g., device or pharmaceutical manufacturer or an organization that represents industry)
  • Research (e.g., think tank, academic researcher or an organization that represents researchers)
  • Policy Maker (e.g., state legislator, executive agency employee or an organization that represents policy makers)
  • Training Institution (e.g., schools of health professions, residency program or an organization that represents training institutions)

For Broad PCORI Funding Announcements (PFAs), PCORI assigns one Patient and one Stakeholder Reviewer to every application, along with two Scientific Reviewers. PCORI recognizes that some Reviewers have multiple roles, including as patients or caregivers, and asks that Reviewers distinguish the Reviewer type with which they primarily identify. (For the Method Analytics panel, Reviewers are all Scientists.)

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