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Letter of Intent

Can an organization submit more than one LOI for this targeted PFA?  

Yes. An organization may submit more than one LOI as long as each LOI has a different PI. An individual who is a PI on one application may participate in other applications from the same or other organizations if—and only if—in a different capacity, such as co-investigator or consultant.


What should I do to complete an LOI, and where can I find it?

You must register and create an account (if you do not already have one) in the PCORI Online System.

See the PCORI Online: Pre-Award User Guide for Research Awards for detailed instructions. As part of the LOI, you must fill out and submit the LOI Template, not exceeding three pages (excluding references). Please refer to the Application Guidelines in the PCORI Funding Center for additional information on what to include in the LOI.


Is a Detailed Budget required as part of the LOI?

No. A Detailed Budget is not required as part of the LOI; however, in the LOI Template, applicants must estimate the duration and total direct costs of the proposed study. The applicant should also provide a brief justification for the proposed budget. Your proposed budget may not exceed the amount allotted for each question without prior approval. See the section on Budget and Project Duration in the PFA.  

Should I include references in my LOI?

Yes. There is a three-page limit for the LOI Template and references are not included in the page limit. 


Can I delete the questions listed in the LOI Template?

Yes. You can retain the questions in the LOI Template if you so choose. (Responses to all questions are required.) Please do not delete any section headers, such as “Objectives” or “Methods,” or the question numbers.

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