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What types of D&I projects is PCORI interested in?

PCORI is interested in projects that implement patient-centered CER findings obtained from PCORIfunded studies. This PFA is intended to promote the targeted implementation and systematic uptake of SDM in healthcare settings, in line with PCORI’s goal of supporting patients in making informed decisions about their care. 

This PFA will support projects that propose active, multi-component approaches to implementing effective SDM strategies that address existing barriers and obstacles to uptake and maintenance, with the goal of effectively and sustainably integrating these interventions into practice. 

For this PFA, PCORI defines an SDM strategy as an intervention or approach that draws on and presents available evidence to inform patients of available treatment options and their risks and benefits, and either engages patients in a decision-making process with their clinician or promotes their ability to engage in such a process. 

What D&I projects does PCORI NOT fund?

  • Although scientific publication and presentation are important in the dissemination of evidence, these and other “passive” dissemination strategies are not in scope for this PFA. LOIs and applications will be considered nonresponsive to this PFA and may be administratively withdrawn if the proposed project:
  • Proposes to establish efficacy or effectiveness of SDM strategies, or to study the comparative clinical effectiveness of multiple SDM strategies
  • Applicants interested in conducting CER should consider applying to PCORI’s Communication and Dissemination Research Program using the appropriate application materials. Projects proposing the performance of CER under this PFA will not be referred and will be withdrawn as nonresponsive.
  • Proposes to implement evidence that does not include a PCORI-funded CER or methods study result
  • Proposes to translate or adapt an SDM approach without actively implementing it
  • Proposes to develop or validate a new tool or system for patients or clinicians without the primary purpose of actively implementing evidence
  • Modification or adaptation of tools and systems previously found to be effective and proposed as the primary mechanism for actively disseminating and implementing evidence will be considered, as long as their development is not the primary activity proposed
  • Proposes to use contract funds to pay the cost of the interventions being disseminated in the project
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