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What D&I projects does PCORI NOT fund?

While scientific publication and presentation serve an important role in the dissemination of evidence, these and other passive dissemination strategies are not in scope for this announcement. LOIs and applications will be considered nonresponsive to this PFA and may be administratively withdrawn if the proposed project:

  • Proposes passive dissemination strategies (publications, presentations to heterogeneous audiences) as its primary dissemination method.
  • Proposes to develop and/or validate a new tool or system for patients and/or clinicians without the primary purpose of actively disseminating or implementing evidence. Modification or adaptation of tools and systems previously found to be effective and proposed as the primary mechanism for actively disseminating and implementing evidence will be considered, as long as their development is not the primary activity proposed.
  • Primarily conducts new research, as opposed to disseminating and implementing research findings obtained from already completed PCORI-funded studies and evaluating the success of those D&I efforts.
  • Proposes to disseminate and/or implement findings that are not associated with a PCORI-funded comparative effectiveness research or methods study.
  • Proposes to translate and/or adapt a finding without actively disseminating or implementing it.
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